Mindfulness Classes/Workshops

Rebecca teaches six and eight-week mindfulness meditation classes and weekend workshops. She also teaches weekly mindfulness classes in schools - for both students and teachers. With a focus on present moment attention, open, receptive awareness and compassionate heart, Rebecca guides students through dialogue, journaling, and hands-on practices - giving them a deep experiential understanding of how to bring mindfulness into their day-to-day lives.

Upcoming Classes

Mindfulness & Compassion - May 7th - June 11 @ The Park City Library

Mindfulness & Skillful Action - September 12th - October 17th @ The Park City Library

Mindfulness & Skillful Relationships - November - December (dates TBA) @ The Park City Library

Mindfulness Curriculum

Rebecca trains and supports teachers, counselors, and administrators on practical ways in bringing mindfulness into their lives, classrooms, and school districts. Trained in the Mindful Schools Program, Rebecca combines her understating of mindfulness curriculum with twenty-five years of personal practices, education, trainings and teachings in somatic therapies, Buddhism and Non-Violent Communication.

Mindfulness Consultant

Rebecca works closely with non-profits, community organizations, and businesses as a mindfulness consultant - building mindfulness content and curriculum for their supporters, partners, and employees.

Contact Rebecca to inquire about her classes, trainings or consulting: